Dominic Cogan

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

BA, Dip. Ed, MA,
Cert. Counselling,
MBSR Certified Teacher,
MBCL Trained Teacher, Mindfulness Based Supervisor
Life Coach and Spiritual Guidance

Certified to teach .b (Mindfulness for Teens), Paws b (Mindfulness for Children),
.b Foundations (Mindfulness for Teachers), MTAI member
Parents Plus Trained Facilitator,
Dip. Inter-Spiritual Mindfulness Facilitation,
Dip. Soul Empowerment Coaching

Dominic Cogan
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Upcoming Courses

Courses, Sessions, Workshops and Events ongoing or starting soon

september 14 10:30am-12:30pm
6 Weeks

Modern Christian Mystics

Online via Zoom | In association with The Sanctuary

This short survey course will each week explore the mystical riches of one particular mystic and relate them to the influences of their times.

Online €120
september 20 7pm-9:45pm
8 Weeks

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)

Online via Zoom | In association with The Mindfulness Centre

A great way to rekindle your commitment to being kinder to yourself and others, as well as reviving or deepening your existing practice of mindfulness.

Online €350
september 22 10am-12:45pm
8 Weeks

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Online via Zoom | In association with The Mindfulness Centre

Intensive mindfulness training, taught in a gentle and supportive atmosphere. Participants come away with practical tools that allow them to be kinder to themselves and cope better with the stresses of everyday living.

Online €350
november 2 7pm-9pm
3 Weeks

Growing Old Gracefully - The Spirituality of Ageing

Online via Zoom | In association with The Sanctuary

This short course, while acknowledging the challenges of growing old, will create a space for the celebration of conscious aging: increased wisdom, the growth of resilience, greater appreciation of life’s lessons.

Online €60
october 23 10:30am-4:30pm

MBSR Day of Mindfulness Practice

Online via Zoom | In association with The Mindfulness Centre

A mostly silent day of mindfulness practice. This is a day for taking the time to go a little deeper in the practice of mindfulness and to offer support in strengthening our commitment to regular practice.

online free
november 7 10:30am-3:30pm

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Day of Practice

Online via Zoom | In association with The Mindfulness Centre

The day will be mostly in silence. The practices are a blend of mindfulness and compassion giving participants an extended opportunity to practice compassion towards themselves and others.

online free

One to One Online Mindfulness Training

Contact Dominic for details: or call 086 4072536

Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness and Wellbeing courses and workshops for students, teachers and parents. Mindfulness in Schools Project Paws b and .b courses, mindfulness and wellbeing workshops for teachers tailored to the needs of particular school or college, and mindfulness courses to support parents and children.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Under Construction

Life Soul Empowerment Coaching

Soul Empowerment Coaching shares the same practical emphasis with Life Coaching on focused client-led sessions that deal with specific issues and is goal-orientated. Unlike Life Coaching, Soul Empowerment Coaching sees the client in a broader spiritual perspective, where challenges and difficulties are seen as potential doors towards personal transformation and healing.

Tailored &
On Demand Courses

Workshops & courses tailored to your requirements and delivered on demand

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