Life and Soul Empowerment Coaching

What is Life and Soul Empowerment Coaching?

Life and Soul Empowerment Coaching utilise powerful tools of personal transformation. Soul Empowerment Coaching has developed in recent years as a development of Life Coaching. It shares the same practical emphasis with Life Coaching on focused client-led sessions that deal with specific issues and is goal-orientated. Unlike Life Coaching, Soul Empowerment Coaching sees the client in a broader spiritual perspective, where challenges and difficulties are seen as potential doors towards personal transformation and healing. It acknowledges that each of us, in addition to conventional I.Q. possess an equally powerful facility for emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Life coaching offers a short-term solution-orientated approach to working skilfully with everyday life challenges. In addition to this, Soul Empowerment Coaching works with the client to uncover the spiritual dynamics underlying these life challenges. It supports the client in raising awareness of their own energy system and in utilising it to heal life wounds such as shame, guilt and a sense of separation. Clients can choose whether they wish to receive conventional Life Coaching or the more in-depth Soul Empowerment Coaching.

Because of the Covid 19 restrictions, all coaching sessions are currently online using the zoom online platform. Once a session is arranged between you and me, I will send you a zoom link. The fee for the first getting-to-know-you session is €30. This session gives both of us an opportunity to see if coaching sessions would be of benefit to you at this time. Subsequent sessions can then be arranged by agreement. You can suspend the sessions at any time if you wish to discontinue. The online cost for sessions is €40. Sessions typically last between an hour and 90 minutes.

To book a session or to make an enquiry please email me at

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