Soul Stories

5 Weeks



Start Date

Thursday March 18th

End Date

Thursday April 15th


7:30 pm – 9:30 pm Weekly


Online via Zoom

Course Introduction

Course Content

In every great wisdom tradition, there is a wealth of stories offering spiritual insight. Within these stories, lie teachings that hint at how best to work with the challenges and opportunities that life presents to us all. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to encounter some of these stories and to explore their deeper dimensions.

Stories will be drawn from a variety of sources including Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi and Jewish among others. Short meditation practices will be woven throughout the course. These practices promote the receptive stillness necessary to allow the full power of these wisdom stories to take effect.

Each session will include:

  • One or two short meditations that help to prime the mind to open up to the wisdom found in the stories
  • An opportunity to listen to three to four stories in each session
  • A chance for participants to respond to the stories through discussion with other members of the class
  • A ten-minute break in the middle of the session

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