Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Christian Mystics

6 Weeks



Start Date

Thursday August 6th

End Date

Thursday September 10th


7 pm – 9 pm Weekly


Online via Zoom

Course Introduction

Course Content

This short survey course will each week explore the mystical riches of one particular mystic or group of mystics. Here is a list of those featured:

Week 1: The Desert Fathers and Mothers

Week 2: The anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing

Week 3: Julian of Norwich

Week 4: St Theresa of Ávila

Week 5: Thomas Merton

Week 6: Bede Griffiths

The course will be a combination of short inputs from the tutor and group discussion based on selected readings. There will also be opportunities to practice some of the contemplative methods advocated by the mystics under discussion.

Register through The Sanctuary at the link below.

Feedback from Similar Courses

"This was a superior course that was well prepared, varied and well delivered. Dominic was very attentive to include both chatty and quieter members. The stories appeared quite simple but were very profound. Each week I always looked forward to Mon night. The group added a lot to the course as they were quite actively involved. Well done Dominic. Your course excelled all my expectations."
- Francesca
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"I loved the pace and the experiential nature of the course. Also, we knew what we would be exploring each night. It was well signposted. Dominic was a generous teacher, very transparent and he kept it safe."
- Therese
Course: Meditation within the Wisdom Traditions
"The delivery online was seamless and our ability as participants to express our shared experience was very enriching."
- Sean
Course: Meditation within the Wisdom Traditions

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